Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy Being Home

I have always maintained that music surrounds our existence in these times and for every moment in life, there is a special song creating your very own soundtrack to your life. Normally, I don't advertise or promote anything unless a. I believe in it. b. it actually works and c. it's something I think my readers will find interesting. This particular post is going to be all three of these. I also have a personal take on this very subject, which makes it proof that such things are out there to help our Veterans and families. Anything that creates and pushes an awareness of PTSD and TBI gets the Mistress excited!

Mark Wills

In partnership with the non-profit organization USA Cares, Country music singer Mark Wills has stepped up and together, they are creating an awareness campaign for Post Traumatic Stress disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Together, they would like to push an awareness of the hardships and struggles our men and women in uniform deal with when coming home. Issues that we know, as Veterans and families, is becoming epidemic in proportions in our generation. When the news was released that on average, there are 18 suicides a day among our veterans, it saddened me to think that was their only way out and the military and VA systems are failing ALL of our Veterans. It made that bottomless pit and hollow feeling in my stomach because as you know, my husband wanted to commit suicide and tried.

I was intrigued about the email I received in regards to this PTSD and TBI campaign, but was more impressed over the phone call discussing the whole thing. I have to say that Jessica, at Lotus Nile (Music/Entertainment firm) treated me with kindness, respect and a genuine concern and belief in what they were trying to do. I find that most intriguing as I have seen some organizations or individuals who use the wounded to collect money, but you never really see what the money is going to. Several things piqued this girl's interest with this whole campaign. First, I love Mark Wills! Yes, the Mistress has to admit that I love his music, his looks and the fact he just seems down to earth. I adore the fact he has made more than seven trips to the Middle East to see our troops and perform, which there are only a hand full out of the entire music community who has done this. The "Crazy Being Home" campaign is dedicated to those who risked their lives for this country's freedom. I like the fact that Mark Wills genuinely cares and is concerned for our many military members coming home with such problems. I also, after speaking with Jessica, didn't get the feeling that this was for promotional wasn't about money, it was about the awareness and helping an organization he believed in.

Second, my family was a recipient of one of the programs under the USA Cares mission; the Warrior Treatment Today program. This program helps give the Veteran the financial help they need to cover the costs of bills, rent, mortgage etc while they are in an inpatient program for these types of wounds. The biggest obstacle many military personnel have is being able to get the time off and usually unless they just have tons of time they can take, this is done without pay. No pay, means financial distress and can increase the symptoms of PTSD. My husband lost his job as you remember when the bottom fell out from underneath him and we had to have him hospitalized. We were still struggling to get our heads above water, and to be honest with you....this was the main reason he didn't seek out help in an inpatient program two years ago. We just couldn't afford to take the time out with no pay. USA Cares was and is a great program that I would highly recommend to anyone and have, along with writing about it.

This program is essential I think with those that are National Guard and Reserve Components who suddenly get shoved out of the ACU's and back into the civilian work force. Some of those, made more money while serving and depends desperately on those paychecks. Heck, who doesn't depend on any paychecks these days! I do recommend to check out the USA Cares program and if you do decide that this is something you want to apply for, apply in advance. There has been an increase in traffic for all non-profits these days due to the amount of so many military hardships coming back. Don't wait til your bills are close to being due because it can take a while.

Thirdly, the song "Crazy Being Home" is really really good! I like it, it's got speaks to you. I let my husband listen to it and he agreed that it really seemed to capture the feelings of those that have returned and trying to fit back in to society. We have experienced the whole finger flipping young adults, who seem to have no care in the world who they are flipping off. So it's not just a song...its a story. 

If you would like to listen to Mark Wills' new single  "Crazy being Home", you can listen here. Also, if you go to the website, Crazy Being Home, you can find up in the top of the site, a player. This player you can listen to the song and download the new single for free. The promo code that you will enter is home 2011. Enter your email and promo, then it will take you to download here. Also, what I have learned most of all from living with PTSD and TBI is we all have stories. Stories that are sad, full of loss and some anger but at the same time, full of courage, strength and love. If you would like to share your story, here is how you do it!

1. Top hand right side of the screen, you will see About, Contact and Journal. You will click on Journal   which will take you to that link.

2.There you will find in the box, Post Your Story Here which you will click on.

3. Fill out your information and share your story. Click Submit.

4. Now that you have submitted your journal entry, it is time to share your story. The goal is to
raise awareness and you can do that with your own personal link. In order to receive your
personal URL, follow the steps below. Your unique URL can be posted anywhere. You can email
it to your friends and family, or simply update your status on Facebook and Twitter.

Steps to get your own unique URL
1) After you have submitted your journal entry you will be brought back to the “Crazy
Being Home” Awareness Campaign page.
2) Scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address in the blue box
3) Press “get your link”
4) Check your email
5) You will receive an email with your own personal link.
6) Copy the link and post it for all of your friends and family to see
7) Throughout the campaign Mark Wills and USA Cares will be offering incentives to
encourage you in sharing your link and stories. Make sure to check back often!

I appreciate Mark Wills doing this and so glad that I am able to assist in such a worthy campaign. Please show your support by copying this URL link and pass it on to friends and family. You can also use this link to post on Facebook and Twitter or anywhere! Wishing all the best and special thanks to all who are involved and to those who get involved with this endeavor! Your stepping up means a ton to families across the board and I know in my heart, that with that first step..others will follow. The more awareness we can create, the more resources will come out of it to help our Veterans and their families.

Still Singing to the Song, 


  1. It was very emotional hearing him debut this song live in DC. It was very nice to meet him and you know he truly cares in this mission. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I really like him and definitely a worthy person to promote. I bet he was wonderful live! Think more celebrities should follow in his footsteps.

  3. Thanks so much for getting the word out! Just to let you know, I can't get that promo code to work though :( Not sure if it's me or what but I wanted to mention it.

  4. Bravo USM, I did an article on the same thing the same day. Hey, do me a favor and introduce me to Lotos Records, I have a song I want played. It is a song about the wars, it is a personal song. It was written for me be my high school sweetheart, we are dear friends today. She wrote it many years ago, but it is relevant to the wars today and wrings the emotions and pours out the soul as Mark Wills song does.

  5. I hope you're sharing your family's story, especially after your wonderful news today. Tears of joy for you all are still filling my eyes.

    You dear Mistress are an amazing and wonderful person, your strength and perseverance in the face of the adversity of PTSD and TBI are truly an inspiration to myself and Many.

    I'm honored to call you friend.


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