Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The "Frog Boiling" Blogger and Blog Requests

Some days, my inbox gets bombarded from individuals who want me to consider them for placement on my blog either for advertisement purposes or for guest blogging positions. Between the emails from readers who don't like to comment for privacy concerns but have questions...I find that I can sit for eight hours and never reach the end of all the emails. I thought while I was reading some of these this morning, and debating what to say...I would just blog about it. While I am deeply honored that my blog has become popular enough to acquire such attention, I am not that kind of girl! I have received some fantastic pieces of writing from those who want to write about PTSD, but I must decline as the Mistress feels that some of these are not written from those who have experienced it themselves or living with it. You may be very educated, but sometimes living it or with it...can be more important than some degree hanging on the wall. My blog isn't written in medical jargon or big fancy words we just can't understand or relate to. I want to keep that type of point of view because I think that's why this blog is becoming so popular. 

I don't want it to become something of a variety show and while PTSD is in various forms...there is a HUGE difference in Combat PTSD vs Sexual Trauma non-military PTSD. Yes, the symptoms and issues are similar but my readers are here because they are concerned, living with it, or trying to get help for their veterans so I have to decline on the authors of such articles as the relevance is just not there for my military or military related readers. There were some great offers to write for me, some that really just want to get into blogging, and some who are bloggers and veteran operated business owners. I carefully weighed the pros and cons of adding people to my blog, and the decision was made to keep it just as I have it save a few. 

First off, if you are wanting to advertise something and I haven't tried it, know anyone who has or don't know what the heck I am talking about....I can't place it on here. My reasoning is, how can you talk about something when you don't know what you are really talking about? I don't want to place something on here that I feel that I would say, "what the hell is this?" and then keep on trucking by. The Mistress has gained a reputation of being a straight shooter, and there are reasons of my own....why tabs of references are placed up on top. If I truly feel there is someone out there reading who can utilize or find something of interest as I did, I will consider it. There is a reason why I place such widgets on my blog like the Equine Therapy program, or the Hearts Toward Home boxes....and it's because I have experienced it.

If you are wanting to write, or start blogging....guys, if I can do it...you can! I promise you...it's really not that hard and blogger.com is free. There is no reason you need a jumping off point at all or need to be a guest writer for anyone. Once you set it up, give me a holler and I will add you to my roll. If you are interested in joining a community like Scott Lee's PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective, he has started a "Coalition of Combat PTSD Bloggers". Like me, he is a straight shooter and will review what you have to offer...but he wants that variety and different points of view. He would be a great place for consideration for guest writing. If you feel that you want to become a PTSD blogger, then do it! There aren't any reasons you need the Mistress as a platform when your writing is fantastic and most definitely interesting. I think the more bloggers unite, create blogs and offer a variety of subjects.....the more awareness is created on the subject of PTSD. For those that wanted me to pay you for your articles....darlings, I haven't made a dime off my blog so why would I pay you for your writing? Wrong place for sure! Perhaps doing a search for paid bloggers would better benefit but I simply don't need nor am I able to pay for writers. 

Now, because I know you have patiently made it this far to see what the hell the "Frog Boiling Blogger" reference is, I will explain. Through this blog, I have met some really interesting people such as Scott Lee (PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective) who encouraged my writing initially and to push it, other wives just like me who you can also find on here and some non-profit PTSD related organizations. It is here, that I met Beau Chatham who is a Veteran himself, runs his own business as a "Warrior Life Coach" and is definitely NOT a frog boiler. I just referred him to another Veteran and called him this, so it somewhat stuck in my mind. I received his very polite, interesting email and just about deleted it because I made my decision about adding advertisements that morning...but I kept reading. I am not getting paid for advertisement, really have no idea what a Life Coach does if you asked me (you will just have to ask him) nor do I know of anyone who has used him.....However, he is also a blogger and his writing just really appealed to me. I included him on my blog as you can see to the left hand side with his picture and link and on my blog roll. 

Beau has written some interesting posts but none so much that made me think like his "Observations on Boiling Frogs" and there are two parts. I am going to let you read these posts yourself so I won't spoil it and you can get your own opinion but there were some things that he referenced to such as PTSD being an "Adrenaline Addiction"....I have never heard that analogy before but it really rang some bells here with the Mistress. I deal with such addiction on a daily basis with my Veteran. I like the fact he is not so over the top, a veteran himself so he has that "I've been there" perspective and his writing is just a little different. I think you would sincerely appreciate his analogies, his experience and his interesting subjects. I don't follow too many male Veteran blogs other than the Jolly Roger, (Who's latest ode to Dr. Seuss post is fantastic) so it has to hold this gal's interest before I will add. Anyone's blog who keeps Uncle Sam's Mistress interested and wanting to see what you come up with next, is a keeper in my book and worth sharing! So if you get a chance, head on over to Beau's site,check his blog out and let him know that Uncle Sam's Mistress sent you. Who knows...maybe you can come back if you choose to use his services and fill me in on what his business is about! 

I encourage anyone who feels the need to write to blog. Even if you don't write or have in the past....do it anyway for no one but yourself. It's a great way to relieve stress, is self helping and an opportunity to meet some fantastic people. It's amazing to write for months on end, then actually meet some of these people in person. I think you get to know someone more through the way they write than if they did living next door to you. Also, for those of you who are spouses...you would be surprised to see how much you have grown, how much has changed, and its a living documentary of Living with PTSD. Even now while filling out Social Security, I use some posts as references to remind myself. Thank you to all who have written in and hope that you understand why some I had to turn down many of the offers. For those who want to pursue blogging....go get 'em! I bet you will surprise yourself!

 No Actual Frogs Were Harmed in the Making of This Post,

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  1. Thank you for the props USM, I appreciate it! I would be happy to consider adding another person to write at my website, just send them my way.


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