Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Adventures-Living the Army Life

I would like to proudly announce that I am now a contributing writer for Living the Army Life! My first article was posted today, Living with PTSD and TBI: Welcome Home | Living the Army Life. This blog was created by owner of and is made up of twenty military spouses to help guide today's military families. Not sure how much guiding I will be doing as I am learning myself, but having that voice out there that is reflecting the truth about PTSD/TBI is nice to have! I am more excited at the opportunity that our voice as PTSD spouses will reach many others at a worldwide rate and that my friends, is what is needed to gain some resources! There will be another spouse, "Jessica" who will also be writing about her experiences with PTSD which will give a different point of view. I am hoping that utilizing these three blogs I write on will open more lines of communication for spouses dealing with these issues. The hopeful outcome would be that someone in the military would read our words, and do something about it. I will not be holding my breath though or betting all my money, but it would be a nice thought!!!

If you are or have a friend that is still a military spouse in the Army, do check out or pass on the links for and Living the Army life. Each of these I have had posted in the tabs above. I find that sometimes real experiences are better than any user manual the Army gives you. There are different categories ranging from PCS Moving, Military Traditions, Deployments and well...just offers a little bit of this and that. I would like to thank the owner, Stacey of Married to the Army, for inviting me to participate in such a blog. I will still be of course writing here and as a part of the "Coalition of Combat PTSD Bloggers" for Scott Lee on his site PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective.

So in thanks, I raise my coffee mug this morning to all of us who are persevering here at home with our Combat PTSD Veterans, and toast to a new adventure for all of us!! If you have subjects that you feel needs to bring up for discussion, let me know! Sometimes there is so much to write about, you often leave out things and I want to make sure we talk about it all! For those sites who felt I wasn't uplifting or positive enough about PTSD to contribute on their sites after their invitation, I say to you, your loss. Many thanks to Scott Lee who felt my voice was important enough to be heard and for constantly encouraging me to keep going. For PTSD Caregiver who always answered my emails and supported me, and to Kurt for always making me smile and being our cheerleader......sometimes just having each other, although we have never met in person, makes some of this we deal with much more tolerable. Here's to all of us this morning who are surviving hell and still here to talk about it!!

~Uncle Sam's Mistress~


  1. You are such a valuable resource and have been a source of inspiration to me. I am so glad you will be able to share your experiences with a much wider audience, all of whom can learn a great deal from everything you have been through.

    You always have the best advice, even when you just say "I don't know but I'll try my best to find out" it lets others know their concerns are valid. And as a spouse of a combat vet with PTSD/TBI it is heart-warming and a blessed relief to know your voice is finally being heard by someone who's been-there-done-that, and got the T-Shirt.

    Cheering you on, all the way from Washington State. (Hey, I may be British but I think I know how to use pom-poms :-)


  2. Thanks D!! I hope I can do a good job! Kurt, where ever you may have a little competition in the pom-pom squad! hehehee...

  3. Kat I'm thrilled to have you with us! Your first blog post on Living the Army Life was amazing (as always!).

    We are going to make a difference! :)

  4. Stacey, I can't thank you enough for giving me the always, love you bunches! Here's to three years of friendship and many more!!! You do an awesome job!


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